Frequently Asked Questions


When should I arrive?


If it is your first time visiting my office, I ask that you arrive 15 -20 minutes early to fill out the proper paperwork and so that we may have an effective interview and go over how the session will go. For additional appointments please arrive10 minutes prior to the start of your session to ensure you get the full benefit of the session.


What should I wear during my massage?


I recommend that you remove your clothing to your comfort level.  You will always be draped according to standards and only the body part being worked on will be uncovered.


What if I have special health considerations?


Please let me know while scheduling your session what you might need done specifically or differently.  And if at any time you are feeling any kind of discomfort, let me know immediately.


How do I ensure my comfort?


This is your time and I am here to make you as comfortable as possible.  If at any time you are uncomfortable with anything, please speak up and let me know so that I may remedy it for you.  Communication is key.


Can I fill out the questionnaire before I come to the office?


Yes. When we have confirmed the appointment I will send you the form. Filling out the form before you come in makes your transition to the massage table much quicker. 


What if I am late for my appointment?


If you are running behind getting to my office, your session will be shortened and end at the scheduled time.